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Our Mission is providing healthy and affordable options for problems all of us may face today.  We strongly believe in community and local commerce which builds sustaining relationships between people.  

We chose the problem of Super Lice because it is growing fast and needs just this kind of solution.  

Super Lice do not respond to the present products available in most stores because these use toxic chemicals to kill the lice. Physicians are now writing prescriptions for more toxic preparations which increase the danger of harm to the child being treated.  

Super Lice Buster is completely organic and presents no possibility of harm to the child or adult being treated.  

An Agent provides a service which alleviates the problem using our product and educates clients to ensure the problem does not reoccur.  

We are a membership organization providing education on the problem intended to provide children and adults with a dispassionate and informed understanding of living things as building blocks for opening minds and hearts to living in community with each other and the Earth. 

If you would enjoy a career helping others please find out more by reading our Becoming a Super Lice Agent Page.